Our groundbreaking event that combines expertise, innovation and a commitment to a sustainable future—the 2024 Big Zero Show!

Featuring a distinguished lineup of experts, industry leaders and environmental advocates, this two-day experience is designed for individuals and businesses of all sizes, whether large or SME. Explore diverse zones highlighting cutting-edge technologies, sustainable practices and actionable solutions to reduce emissions. 

For those envisioning a career in the low-carbon world, our Net Zero Skills Day is a must-attend, offering inspiring talks, sector showcases and networking opportunities. Whether you’re a recent graduate seeking a purposeful career or an experienced professional looking to reskill, this event provides invaluable insights and a chance to contribute to a greener, more sustainable planet.

Our two day programme

Day 1 - 'Net Zero five years on...Are we on track?

The show is for any businessperson who cares about our legacy on the planet. It’s an excellent opportunity to network, exchange ideas and contribute to a greener and more sustainable world.

We will discuss what business and politics has got right and what we still need to do. As ever, we will showcase great ideas, case studies and new technologies which will help businesses and private sector organisations cut their emissions.

Day 2 – ‘Net Zero: Your Future Workplace

Dedicated to skills and opportunities as we transition to a new low carbon economy.

We will have inspiring stories of how people have changed their career and helped the planet and we will show you technologies and sectors which will offer the jobs of tomorrow

Registration is free and open to over 18s. 


Our delegate experience

Hear what 2023 delegates had to say about the show…

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