Fry Taylor

Co-Founder, Green Salon Collective

We throw out used foils and colour tubes in the regular bin given they mostly can't be recycled. We use more plastic and paper than the other shops on the high street. We even throw valuable hair cuttings into the bin.

Green Salon Collective is here to change all this!!!

Founded by environmental experts, hairdressers and eco campaigners, we are the original authority on holistic sustainability throughout the UK and EU.

13:00 - 13:20

Hall 5 Big Zero Lectures

74 million kgs of hair

Green Salon Collective’s vision is to raise the standard of the hair and beauty industry by enabling salons to become more ethical and sustainable environments for not only the salon - but for the stylists and salon guests too.

Their unique recycling programme, together with their education and accreditation programmes, enable salons and other businesses in the hair and beauty industry to gain new like-minded clients by becoming true, ethical, sustainable businesses that turn the waste in your bins into meaningful wins.

By providing a circular economy for salons, Green Salon Collective are the solution.

So far, they have saved 25 tonnes from landfill and aim to save 200 tonnes by the end of 2022.