Kevin Ball

Chief Commercial Officer, Wattstor

Kevin recently joined Wattstor as CCO following a 30+ year career in the energy sector. Starting at BP back in the 90’s as VP of new power development, Kevin has been pivotal in moving the energy dial towards where we find it now. With further career highlights including the delivery of some of the largest Biomass CHP plants in the UK, and closely aligning with I&C and the agricultural community in the UK to open the gateway to greener operations. All of this is underpinned by his formal training in engineering, giving Kevin the edge when it comes to understanding the moving parts of a project, and making him a powerhouse of knowledge.


Hall 3 Pathway to Net Zero Talks

Transitional technology, intelligent optimisation and future electricity supply products

By combining transitional technologies and electricity supply as part of a holistic energy strategy, businesses can contribute to and benefit from a net zero system.  

In this session, experts from Bryt Energy and Wattstor will discuss real-life examples of how technologies and electricity supply contracts have been used together. In doing so, customers were able to save on their electricity bills whilst reducing their carbon footprint and supporting the grid.