Murray Sirel

Electric Vehicle Consultant, Gemserv

Murray works closely with key businesses and technologies across the EV landscape, bringing together technology to create a holistic charging eco-system. With experience working for Siemens Mobility and now Gemserv, he brings a wealth of insights from the mobility sector, gained from delivering PMR projects, product development and key industry research. He is driven to enable the transition to low carbon mobility by nurturing collaboration across the EV landscape, making good systems work better for all.

12:00 - 12:20

Hall 4 Pathway to Net Zero Talks

Accelerating the transition to electric fleets

Transitioning a fleet to low carbon mobility isn’t just based on if the miles fit, it is so much more. From the day-to-day charging operations, to leasing cycles, to vehicle availability, the challenge is significant. At Gemserv we see the challenge as an opportunity, to encourage collaboration between existing technology that works well on its own, but superbly together. With a group of partners, Gemserv is working to support fleets not just in terms of transitioning to EV, but with continued operational support. By doing so, we can help fleets accelerate their journey to low carbon mobility, whilst de-risking the rollout of crucial public and semi-public charging infrastructure.