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Position your brand as a Net Zero leader by inspiring businesses and individuals on their Net Zero and sustainability journey,  engaging with a diverse audience actively looking for your solutions.

The Big Zero Show 2023 was a huge success, bringing together more than 1500 delegates on a day filled with educational talks, networking opportunities, innovative stands and eco-friendly entertainment.

Why partner with us?

Brand Visibility

Aligning your brand with our cutting-edge Net Zero event elevates your visibility and recognition within a diverse and influential audience.​

Environmental Leadership

Showcase your commitment to environmental responsibility, appealing directly to consumers who prioritise sustainability.

Access to Key

Gain exposure to industry leaders, influencers and decision-makers, generating sales, fostering invaluable connections and potential collaborations.

Global Impact

By supporting initiatives focused on sustainability, your organisation contributes to global efforts addressing critical environmental challenges.​


Uncover a range of partnership possibilities at The Big Zero Show, whether you’re eager to showcase your products or have ambitions for platinum sponsorship. Contact us for more information on pricing and customised packages.

We’re excited to discuss how your participation can play a crucial role in this influential event.