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One of our most popular sessions was the one to one chats with our Net Zero Heroes. We had a range of experts who offered advice, insight and importantly examples of how to solve issues around the net zero pathway

Our thanks to all those who offered their expertise and if you have any questions then please contact our head of Carbon Partnerships Ellis Hall [email protected] who was one of the experts on the day.

Net Zero Heroes will be back for next year’s show

What our Net Zero Heroes thought about the Big Zero Show

Private: Phil Best

Data requirements

Andy Bray

Data requirements

Private: Ben Rouncefield-Swales

Data and strategy development

Private: Bob Barnes

Net zero heat

Private: Billy Currie

Carbon reduction

Private: Leigh Hitchens

Legislative compliance and energy management

Private: James Napier

Scope 3 emissions

Private: Claire Osborne

Sustainable performance coaching sessions

Private: Philip Emsley

Energy reduction through energy efficiency implementation

Private: Nick Haines

Renewables & Energy wholesale and retailing

Private: Ellis Hall

Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions

Private: Sophie Mason

Carbon reduction

Private: John Carden

Meeting net zero targets

Private: Sarah Jolliffe

Carbon reduction

Private: Adrian Leaker

Paths to net zero

Private: Christopher Trigg

The business case for onsite renewables

Private: Chris Wilson

Scope 1, 2, 3 emissions

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