Caroline Longman

Director, Equilibrion

Caroline is a strategic and commercial leader in the nuclear industry, with over 20 years experience in the sector. She is committed to enabling nuclear energy to play a major role in a decarbonised energy system, during the last 2 years she has driven forward the opportunity for nuclear energy to contribute to a future hydrogen economy through development of cross sector collaboration. Caroline believes nuclear energy can deliver a safe, secure, affordable, low carbon energy supply and deliver on the UK’s net zero targets. To achieve this, she has founded, in partnership, a business,, with a single mission, to be a catalyst for the development of collaborations that can enable nuclear energy to decarbonise transport, heat and industry. 

12:30 - 12:45

Hall 5 Big Zero Lectures

Can Nuclear Energy be a Sustainable Route to Net Zero?

Nuclear Energy is a high-capacity source of energy which can provide 24/7 safe, reliable low carbon energy to decarbonise many industrial sectors. Government can see the opportunity for nuclear energy to decarbonise sectors such as transport, heat and industry where fossil fuels dominate and there are few credible alternatives. Caroline will explain why nuclear can deliver a truly sustainable pathway to net zero, aligned with the United Nation’s sustainable development goals and overcome its historic perceptions of cost, safety and waste.