Pete Starr

Managing Director, Chilli

Pete has 20 years of working within corporate sectors across a range of service, sales and leadership positions.  He is an accredited trainer, coach and Strengthscope© practitioner, has written papers for the Business Expert Press and has worked with various Universities encouraging graduates into the Sales Profession. 


Chilli & Wayvie work with organisations who recognise the link between how their employees behave when interacting with customers and each other, and the subsequent impact on business reputation and performance. 


Hall 3 Pathway to Net Zero Talks

The Soft Skills needed for success in the Green Sector

Commercial organisations are critical to the achievement of the Net Zero and sustainability targets that we need to hit.  With great products, services or solutions these organisations can slow down, minimise or remove emissions and create positive change. 

For commercial organisations to be successful, they need the great products along with great people with the skills and attitudes to perform consistently.  Technical and academic skills or intelligence are a part of the mix, but what about the people or “soft” skills? 

In this talk, we will share the key soft skills needed to drive change and success through the Green Sector.  Identifying what they are, how they make a difference to business success and what you can do to leverage these in your organisation.