Anne Connor – Water Plus

Business Development Manager, Water Plus

Water has been the driving force throughout Anne’s professional journey. Equipped with a BSc in Pure and Applied Chemistry, Anne started work, and spent 16 years, in the Water Treatment and Hygiene industry in chemist roles before transitioning to technical sales and account management. Since then, Anne has worked in the water retail industry for 8 years as a Key Account Manager and now Business Development Manager. In this role at Water Plus, Anne combines her exceptional technical expertise with a strategic vision to drive innovation, growth and sustainability for our customers and in the industry. 


Content Zone Net Zero Index

You can't go Net Zero without water - tapping into the opportunities

Knowing what water your business is using and where is an important key to empowering your organisation towards more efficient operations, paving the way to Net Zero and beyond. 


But here's the best part – going greener with your water doesn't have to break the bank or be complicated. Join Anne Connor, from Water Plus, boasting over 20 years of expertise in water management. Anne will guide you through the simple yet powerful steps you can take with water, and how these actions can not only save energy but also significantly reduce carbon emissions. 


Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn about sustainable water practices and discover how you can make a real difference – for your organisation.