Ben Reade – Cornwall Insight

Senior Business Development Manager, Cornwall Insight

Ben leads Cornwall Insight’s Corporate and Public Sector international workstreams, providing objective, independent market intelligence, to support informed financial analysis, critical investment, and decarbonisation decisions. Orchestrating Cornwall Insight’s unrivalled, full spectrum market insight, to translate how it impacts consumer energy strategy.   Ben has twenty years’ experience working across technology and energy industry sectors, providing a broad and balanced perspective, to really understand a customer’s need and implement a solution that helps them realise their net zero goals.


Content Zone Pathway to Net Zero

The 24/7 Clean Energy Revolution And The Reshaping Of Renewable Energy Procurement

Initially driven from the tech sector in the US, the 24/7 clean energy concept now has a global reach within Europe, Asia and North America and boasts the backing of the United Nations and the US Government.
So, what’s the fuss about? In this session Haydn (Rutland Forums), Ben (Cornwall Insights), Tom (Sky) and Toby (Granular Energy) will outline how 24/7 could reshape the UK renewable energy market especially for REGO backed renewable power.