Fe Bush – Drax

BECCS Business Development Lead, Drax

Fe Bush grew up travelling the world, and was exposed to diverse cultures, climates and ways of living from a young age. Now, she finds creative and engaging ways to educate large footprint organisations on how they can harness engineered removals to help the planet. After spending a decade in the renewable energy sector, Fe is now the BECCS Business Development Lead at Drax, supporting the carbon removals team supply the market with high integrity CDRs from BECCS (Bioenergy with Carbon Capture & Storage).You’ll find Fe (pronounced ‘Fee’) at events around the world, sharing knowledge and tackling climate change by advocating for conversation to turn to action.


Lecture Theatre My Net Zero Journey

Net zigzag: The unconventional path to breaking the corporate mold

When asked as a child what she wanted to be when she grew up, Fe’s answer ranged from snowboarding instructor to being the first female Admiral in the Royal Navy and a lot in between. Her career journey has been far from traditional, but has always been underpinned by a core desire to have a positive impact on people and nature. Join Fe as she talks about how a temporary job in data cleansing for an energy company led her to working in carbon removals, using her eclectic skill set to educate, inspire and promote the use of carbon removals as part of decarbonisation strategies.