Fitzroy Hutchinson – The Celtic Collection

Energy & Sustainability Manager, The Celtic Collection

Fitzroy Hutchinson is a seasoned professional with 15.5 years of experience in the NHS and an additional 2 years in the hospitality sector. With a passion for uniting people and technology, he thrives on educating and empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential. As the enthusiastic driver of the sustainability bus, he champions eco-friendly initiatives, proudly ushering everyone aboard towards a greener future. In his role as Energy & Sustainability Manager at The Celtic Collection, Fitzroy utilizes his expertise to steer the organization towards sustainable practices, ensuring they tread lightly on the planet, all while embracing the latest advancements in electric transportation. 


Content Zone Pathway to Net Zero

The Celtic Collection: 30 Years Of Net Zero Success

Over two decades, our commitment to sustainability has been unwavering. This session will provide an overview of where we are currently and where we are looking to go. Low hanging fruit, to larger investment (BMS (linked to our booking system), LEDs, motors, pumps, heat pumps, de-gassing, biomass, hydrogen, green CHP, water management, sustainable maintenance and behavioural change creating a sustainable culture.