George Richards – JRP Solutions

Director, JRP Solutions

George has over 35 years’ experience of working with industrial and commercial clients across a range of sectors throughout the UK and Ireland delivering sustainable solutions to improve business performance.  He is a passionate believer in the need for immediate action to address climate change and is actively engaging and assisting a wide range of organisations in all sectors to develop and implement Net Zero strategies.

George is a degree qualified sustainability expert who, having started his career as a HVAC engineer, has a practical insight into many of the fundamental, grass roots challenges facing organisations irrespective of their size or complexity.

Since joining JRP in 2011, George has been determined that both he and JRP play an active role in helping organisations to minimise their environmental impacts and to recognise that environmental sustainability will be at heart of long-term organisational resilience and true sustainability.


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Breaking through: how to overcome the barriers to implementation of Net Zero plans and projects

Many organisations have now pinpointed the key steps required to slash their emissions and reach the milestone of Net Zero. Yet, despite this awareness, they grapple with formidable obstacles hindering the execution of their plans. 


Join us for an engaging presentation where we delve into the heart of these challenges. Through live case studies, we will present actionable strategies to overcome these hurdles and pave the way for a Net Zero future.