Guy Bradbury – Imerys

Energy Category Manager, Imerys Minerals Ltd

Guy is Energy Category Manager for Imerys Minerals Ltd, a French multi-national company that specialises in the production and processing of industrial minerals. They offer high value-added solutions to many different industries, ranging from process manufacturing to consumer goods, serving industries such as construction materials, steel making, agri-food, automotive, cosmetics and mobile energy. Imerys has recently entered into a joint venture with British Lithium, running a lithium pilot plant in Cornwall to extract battery grade lithium from mica granite and also aims to start lithium mining by the end of the decade at its Beauvoir site in central France. 

In his current role, Guy is responsible for the purchasing of all energy commodities in UK as well as other European countries. This includes the delivery of renewable projects across the energy intensive portfolio, focusing on key areas such as hydrogen, PV solutions, HVO and wind turbines. Over his 30 year career in energy, he has previously worked in senior roles for energy suppliers including E.ON and SEFE Ltd, and more recently as Procurement Lead for bp on the Central North Sea Electrification project. 


Content Zone Pathway to Net Zero

Imerys - An Energy Intensive User's Guide to Decarbonisation

As the world's leading supplier of speciality minerals for industry, Imerys has recognised the growing global demand for natural resources placing pressure on our planet, and the need for sustainable solutions as part of its commitments to decarbonise its operations.

We will look at some the renewable solutions that our business is targeting across our sites, and some of the challenges that an energy intensive industry faces to meet its ambitious mid-term objectives and targets.