James Murphy – Stark

Head of Policy & Regulation

From electricity settlement reform to non-domestic smart metering policy, James is passionate about industry change and always looking to secure positive outcomes for our customers.

James is an active member of: Elexon BSC Performance Assurance Board (PAB), MHHS System Integration Testing Advisory Group (SITAG), MHHS Fast Track Implementation Group (FTIG), Code Change & Development Group (CCDG)


Content Zone Net Zero Index

Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement will affect your Net Zero journey. Find out how to take control with the energy experts

With over 40 years in energy data, Stark has seen it all. Now the biggest change in the electricity industry, Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement is here - and Stark are ready. This session will arm you with the knowledge you need to stay in control of your energy data & metering, both essential for your Net Zero Journey.