Jo Robinson – Equity Energies

Director of Client Services

Jo excels at empowering high-performing teams to deliver business impact for clients and has extensive experience in client services and energy accounting, with more than thirteen years in the industry.

She is passionate about client relationships and customer service, and the combination of her finance background, client-centric experience and industry knowledge ensures clients can capitalise on the environmental, commercial, and operational advantages of advancing their Net Zero pathway.

Prior to joining Equity Energies, Jo held several positions within industry leading organisations including Inspired PLC, Energy and Carbon Management Limited, Inprova Energy, Wales & West Utilities and Tesco PLC.


Lecture Theatre Big Zero Lectures

Does Net Zero have a language barrier?

Jo talks about the communications challenges that can hamper Net Zero progress, from spoken and written word to body language and beyond. She discusses the barriers that often exist between different roles and functions within an organisation, which can have varied levels of understanding, and misaligned expectations, related to energy strategy and the pathway to Net Zero. Can encouraging more people to ‘learn the language of Net Zero’ inspire greater progress? And are there other ways of sharing knowledge and aiding understanding that can bring positive change?