Julia Hailes

Sustainability Pioneer

Julia describes herself as a sustainability pioneer, campaigner, consultant, writer and speaker, as well as being pro-wilding, a climate activist, e-bike enthusiast, a promoter of renewable energy and an expert in waste-related issues.

She is a director of Rubbish Ideas, which provides consultancy and design services supporting the circular economy.

In 1987 she co-founded the UK’s first environmental consultancy and think tank - SustainAbility.  She has written or co-written nine books including the million-selling Green Consumer Guide, published in 1988.

Julia has started the UK’s first annual Wilding Weekend in 2022 at her home in Dorset and regularly speaks on this and other issues. 

In 1992 Julia was elected to the UN Global 500 Roll of Honour for her outstanding environmental achievement and in 1999 received an MBE for her environmental work.  


Lecture Theatre Big Zero Lectures

System Change, Not Climate Change 

Julia Hailes has been at the forefront of sustainability for 40 years. The author of The Green Consumer Guide, she has dedicated her life to engaging with businesses to produce more sustainable products. She gives her assessment of what businesses have done right and wrong over the last three decades and what we need to do now to ensure actual change.