Nick Molden – Emissions Analytics Ltd

Chief Executive Officer, Emissions Analytics Ltd

Nick founded Emissions Analytics in 2011 to understand real-world emissions and fuel economy and emissions from vehicles. This evolved into understanding the holistic environmental impact of vehicles on air, soil and water, from tyre wear rates to volatile organic compound emissions.

Nick is chairman of the European standardisation CEN Workshop 90 on collecting real driving tailpipe emissions data, which led to the publication of the AIR Index.  He is also chairman of CEN Workshop 103 on standardising the measurement of vehicle interior air quality and is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Imperial College London. 


Lecture Theatre Big Zero Lectures

How We Can Actually Achieve Net Zero Transport, Not Just Officially 

This session will give an overview of different technology paths to net zero, why zero emission vehicles are a myth, the importance of cost and timing  and how to avoid another Dieselgate.