Niki Kesharaju – National Grid

Senior Decarbonisation Strategy Manager, National Grid

Niki Kesharaju is a Senior Decarbonisation Strategy Manager at National Grid and leads on strategy development for the decarbonisation of key demand sectors such as heat, industry, transport and the role of hydrogen, and the resultant impact on networks. Niki's career has been centred on decarbonisation, strategy and technology innovation across the energy and automotive sectors. In her previous roles in National Grid, she has led thinking and delivery in startup technology for electric networks, and the decarbonisation of construction. Niki has an academic background in Material Science and Engineering and is a Chartered Engineer, advocating for the benefits STEM can bring to a green workforce. She is also an Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Champion, and has been actively involved in women's Employee Resource Groups to encourage an inclusive work environment for all. Niki is an energy geek who is passionate about new technologies changing the world we live in, and is motivated by creating a decarbonised and sustainable future for all.


Lecture Theatre My Net Zero Journey

Steering engineering into strategy to energise a decarbonised future

Niki's career journey starts with being curious and questioning 'how do things work' and 'how is the world going to change'. It's these questions that led her to explore an early career in engineering in the automotive sector. Engineering gave her the right analytical and problem solving skills to tackle 'how do things work', but it's her career shift to the energy sector and working in strategy and innovation roles that helps answer 'how is the world going to change'. Niki will share insights on how her interests in technology and strategy have enabled her to pursue a career in delivering net zero, spotlighting the BIG job that electricity networks have to play in a decarbonised future, and the importance of green jobs growth in this sector.