Peter Starr – Wayvie

Managing Director, Wayvie

Pete has 20 years of working within corporate sectors across a range of service, sales and leadership positions.  He is an accredited trainer, coach and Strengthscope© practitioner, has written papers for the Business Expert Press and has worked with various Universities encouraging graduates into the Sales Profession. 


Chilli & Wayvie work with organisations who recognise the link between how their employees behave when interacting with customers and each other, and the subsequent impact on business reputation and performance. 


Content Zone My Net Zero Job

Start Where You Are. Use What You Have. Do What You Can: Transitioning To A Green Career

Unlocking a green career starts with mindset. Explore what might be holding you back – whether it's fear of change or uncertainty about your abilities. Next, hone in on your top transferrable skills for the green sector: critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and adaptability are invaluable in sustainability roles. But don't stop there. Learn how to sell your own value effectively: highlight your passion for sustainability, showcase relevant experiences and demonstrate your commitment to making a difference.