Our mission: We’ve been on a mission to help identify energy waste, save costs and reduce carbon emissions for more than 40 years.

Our values:

Innovation - We love to create new solutions and improve on what's already out there. Always pushing for better ways to make a better planet.

Teamwork - At home, the office or in the field, we work together to deliver excellent service to customers and each other.

Customer focus - We put the customer at the heart of our new technology & the products and services we offer. Brave - We have the confidence to push for new ideas, disrupt the status quo and be different.

Passion - We're passionate about data, saving energy waste and carbon emissions for a better planet.

Our People: Our founders recognised the importance of flexibility and we’re proud to continue that same priority for people’s work and home lives today.

We love getting involved in supporting local charities, individually or as a company-wide effort.

We see diversity and inclusion as vital to our business. Ensuring people have the transparency, development and support they need ultimately makes us a better, more innovative business.