Stephen Henry – Positive Planet

CEO, Positive Planet

Stephen is the CEO and co-founder of Positive Planet and has been involved in the sustainability sector for nine years.  He set up Positive Planet in 2021, with the goal of helping reduce UK business emissions by 5% by 2030. Today Positive Planet is already working with over 500 companies, helping them to transition from intent to impact on their net zero pathway. They work with organisations of all sizes and sectors including well known brands such as Brewdog, Belfast Harbour, Aberdeen FC and Chester Zoo. Positive Planet is an approved Carbon Literacy Training provider and is one of a small number of organisations offering credible accreditation for sustainable companies. Stephen is passionate about the 'green economic revolution' and the opportunities it creates for companies to grow their business more sustainably.  


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From intent to positive impact

More than 9 out of 10 sustainability programmes fail to achieve their desired goals leading to disengaged employees, business risk and additional cost. Set up your sustainability programme for success with insights from Stephen Henry of Positive Planet.