Tim Delport – Rendesco

Engineering Innovation Lead, Rendesco

Dr Tim Delport is Engineering Innovation Lead at Rendesco, who are heat pump specialists and the UK’s number one provider of ground-source-based heat networks. Rendesco own the UK’s only large-scale portfolio of heat pump heat networks and continue to build this portfolio while also operating and managing the networks of others. They are the UK’s first and leading provider of funded heat networks – providing low-carbon, low-cost ground-source heat, as a service and for less than air-source heat pump alternatives.

Tim leads Rendesco’s innovation, charged with constantly improving the company’s current services, incorporating new services, and inventing new technology. He comes from a background in sustainable engineering technology start-ups and holds a Doctorate from Oxford University in the field of shallow geothermal systems. In 2017, he was recognised as one of Australia’s emerging young professionals and leaders, as a General Sir John Monash Scholar.


Lecture Theatre Big Zero Lectures

The Future Of Heating

Tim Delport talks about where heating is heading and what that looks like and means for the domestic and commercial consumers of the country. He will cover the benefits for the transition to net zero, infrastructure aspects and responsibilities.