Rebecca Howard

Head of Supplier Relationship Management, Coventry Building Society

Rebecca Howard is Head of Supplier Relationship Management at Coventry Building Society. CBS’ Procurement & SRM team, along with the Sustainable Procurement Working Group, are dedicated to transforming the environmental, social and governance elements of their supplier base. Sustainability and lifecycle thinking sits at every stage of their sourcing and supplier management approach, and they run several events each year to engage with their highly committed suppliers. Rebecca is a sustainable procurement evangelist and speaks externally to advocate for the needs of diverse suppliers including small and local businesses, and those owned by underrepresented groups


Hall 3 Pathway to Net Zero Talks

Coventry Building Society banking on Scope 3 to hit Net Zero target

Coventry Building Society are committed to becoming net zero by 2040, and decarbonising the supply chain by 2030 is a major milestone on that journey. Rebecca Howard will discuss how the Society identified suppliers with highest carbon emissions and engaged with key suppliers to understand their carbon targets. Using the GHG protocol, the Society has modelled the total supply base to provide a prioritised approach to carbon reduction. Rebecca will talk about how decarbonisation fits into the wider sustainable procurement journey that the Procurement & SRM team has undertaken. This includes working with suppliers to provide pre-employment skills for local school children and expanding use of local and diverse suppliers.