Simon Alsbury

Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Energise

Simon Alsbury is Co-CEO (and Co-Founder) at Energise; a purpose driven business on a mission to support organisations in being a force for good!

Since 2008, Energise has worked with over 800 organisations delivering a wide range of energy/carbon/net zero programmes with a now c.40 strong team.

With experience across all industries, Simon has overseen over £42 million of measured energy/resource savings, overseen audit programmes covering over 1% of the UK’s total energy usage and had oversight of over 600 compliance programmes (with a 100% compliance rate).

With a background in both sustainability and usability, Simon has a focus on how to address sustainability challenges, making solutions easy to use and technically precise. All of this is driven by a personal passion for the environment and the natural world.